Vu Villa

  • Main Data
    Client: Private
    Program: A villa
    Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
    Construction Area: 1344 m²
    Design: 2011
    Status: Studies
  • ADA Services
    The design of this villa was originally designed by SWA Architects. ADA has been involved to modify the interior layout organization in collaboration with Duc Trong Construction Company, review the façade design in function of the changes in the interior layouts and finally propose Interior Design perspectives for each room of the house.
    The design modifications of the main architectural volume had to be limited as the villa was already under construction before ADA to be involved in the process.
  • Design Description
    The internal organization of several floors has been completely modified. As a result, the shape of the villa has been edited with several additions and subtractions and finally it is the whole façade proportions, materials and details that have been updated with a new relation between the different parts of the façade.
    Refer to the interiors; ADA proposed a design in line with thematic researches the Firm is use to develop (continuity of the surfaces, definition and abstraction of the space limits, movement, etc.). Games based of the integration of eclectic decorative and autonomous components have been also more systematic than in previous designs.