E-Town Complex

  • Main Data
    Client: Ree Corporation
    Adress: Cong Hoa Street, HCMC
    Program: 3 Offices buildings
    Construction Area: over 60,000 m²
    Design: 2005 – 2007
    Targeted construction cost: 350 usd/ m²
  • ADA Services
    Designed in collaboration between Archiconcept team and Site Architecture with Adrien Desport as chief architect of Site Architecture in HCMC, the E-Town 2 has been completed with the interventions of Adrien Desport & Bich Au. The design of the E-Town 3 & 4 has been done by Adrien Desport & Bich Au.
    Design services:
    Architecture and Interior Design
  • Design Description of the main building: the E-Town 2
    This modern building is part of the transformation of a workshop into a complex of offices for lease. With a simple yet impressive design, the building imposes itself on the existing landscape in anticipation of the future face of a rapidly changing Ho Chi Minh City.
    The design follows some contextual elements from E-Town 1 and Cong Hoa Street. The scale and mass are similar to E-Town 1 as are the use of materials and colors. But where E-Town 1 is massive and monumental, E-Town 2 is ethereal and dynamic. The new building is related to Cong Hoa Street in terms of identity, particularly the way its complex shape and facades articulate movement and tension like the dynamism of Cong Hoa Street. E-Town Seems like a built extension of the street, taking part in the same system. However the building as an architectural object is defined by duality: the interior not giving way to the exterior. Parts of the façade appear shield like protecting the interior.
    The whole orientation is inspired by the “locus” and, in particular, by a state of balance; one of the constitutive sub concepts of the yin and the yang dichotomy (Am-Duong in Vietnamese). This design approach can be conceived as a new interpretation of the substance of background culture distancing itself from an artificial interpretation of the past.