French Hospital of Hanoi

  • Main Data
    Client: Hanoi French Hospital
    Program: Private Hospital
    Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
    Construction Area: About 6,000 m² for renovation and over 22,200 m² for the new construction
    Design year: 2014
    Status: Construction in progress
  •  ADA Services
    Interior Design
    Facade concept design
    Client representative for project management
  •  Design Description
    This project is combining a lot of functions in buildings whose spaces are optimized to use only the minimum necessary areas. As a result the internal spaces are very dense and the Interior Design intentions always also related to functional reasons.
    Logically the work for Interior Design has been first to propose more than answering only to functional issues, in order to add value and a sense of generosity.
    The generosity in the design process is including transforming the functional specificities and needs of the project into design opportunities to play with spaces. As one of the result the design plays with spaces (such as in the use of colors) in order to communicate about the project functions and processes.