Malric Residence

  • Main Data
    Program: Villa
    Location: District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Design Year: 2007
    Construction Year: completed in 2012
    Construction Aarea: 590 m²
  • ADA Services
    Architecture Design
    Engineering Main Consultant
    Construction Main Contractor
  • Design Description
    The constraints were to install the design into a deep land and to respect a limited budget. Besides the design also aimed to create a strong relation between the house and its environment in order for the family to always enjoy the exposure to the garden.
    In answer to the budget limitation, all materials were locally sourced.
    With respect to the deepness of the land; the mass of the house was organized in respect of subtle dynamic longitudinal and transversal dissymmetries that avoid any land corridor effect.
    As for the said indoor- outdoor interaction, the living room, dining room and the kitchen were arranged to stay fully open to the garden, being naturally ventilated. Besides, instead of using air conditioning that would transform the houses into hermetic boxes, passive strategies were employed to ensure the protection of the house against the inconveniences of local climate, such as part of the roof being treated as a green roof.