Saigon Moi

  • Main Data
    Program: Apartment Tower.
    Location: Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Design Year: 2008
    Construction Year: completed in 2010
    Construction Area: about 11,200 m²
    Number of Floors: 16
    Apartments Number: 126 units
  • ADA Services
    Architecture Design
    Public Areas Interior Design
  • Design Description
    The requirement from the client was simple: to target a low construction cost but offering a more comfortable and appealing as other building with similar construction cost.
    To achieve this requirement, the design has been made in respect of a coming and going between Architecture and Engineering issues for all aspect of the tower to be efficient. The result is a property that has been sold extremely well with affordable and well organized apartments that are occupied by many young couples.
    Beyond the respect of the client’s requirements, the design intentions were here the following:
    – To use all functional components of the facades (AC louvers, drying balcony, sun shading overhangs, etc.) as main elements to organize the design
    – To establish a dynamic architectonic Order based on an emphasized verticality balanced by horizontal elements (over hangs, windows, etc.).
    – To play with façade discreet set backs combined with clear color and thin elements such as the aluminum louvers of the balconies in order to obtain a specific vibration.