Sim Café et appartement

  • General
    Client: Mr. Nhan Nguyen Hong Hien
    Program: Café in the lower part and accommodation above
    Location: Ninth Arrondissement, Ho Chi Minh City
    SHON: 380 m²
    Year: 2006
  • Missions entrusted to ADA
    Originally designed by Archi Concept Team under the direction of Adrien Desport (as Principal Architect at the Site Architecture office in Saigon), the project was then completed by ADA.
    The services offered by the agency included architecture and interior design.
  • Architectural Intentions
    The first objective was to achieve a design that could accommodate the two main functions of the project (the café in the lower part and the apartment above) by ensuring that neither of the two dominates at the expense of the other.
    So it was decided to create a building that could be seen as a cafe or as accommodation depending on what people expect to find there.
    As a result a hierarchy was established between a dominant neutrality and components showing the two functions: While the structural grid (columns / beams / slabs) is underlined to give its neutrality to the building, components like the colored windows of the café or the shutters program discreetly underlines programmatic differences.
    The second objective was to create a building that could be very visible although located in a formally very heterogeneous urban environment. To make the design of its envelope was very refined and its color breaking with the neighboring buildings.