Sun & Moon hotel

  • Main Data
    Client: Private
    Program: Urban Hotel of 85 keys
    Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Construction Area: about 7,200 m²
    Design year: 2014
    Status: Built
  • ADA Services
    Architecture and Interior Design
  • Design Description
    This hotel is located in the centre of the city, in one of the busiest area for evening time. The target was then to propose a design that would match its location: urban and fun.
    The property land has a T shape with eight facades but only two of them facing streets. The rest of the property façades are facing neighbor properties that currently have a low density and allow views.
    However the surrounding may in the future becoming denser and as a result the views reduced.
    As a consequence the strategy has been to consider how to organize the layout in respect of a future high construction density in the surrounding. It results a plan organized in three blocks – the three branches of the T shape – structured around a central distribution atrium. The central atrium will guaranty the permanence of the respiration of the project whatever the evolution of the nearby urban density.
    The atrium is not only linking the three T branches. Visible from the lobby, it is also linking the different parts of the hotel. Besides with one face being in contact with the building façade; it is also creating a link between all internal main circulations and the urban landscape.