Cholimex Tower

  • Main Data
    Location: District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.
    Program: Commercial podium, offices, services and apartments floors
    Construction Area: About 39,000 m²
    Floors: 22
    Apartments Number: 98
  • ADA Services
    Architecture Design
    Interior Design
    Main Consultant for M&E and Interior Design
    Cost Survey
    Construction Tender Organization
  • Design Description
    The intention for the design is to create an original and contextualized building that would be inspired by local culture/figures and that would address the specificities of the local climate.
    The cultural reference is present both in the image of the project, in the way to treat the relation between the inside and the outside, and in the way to organize the layout of the apartments.
    Cholimex Tower is protected from sun gain heating thanks to the presence of a double skin. This double skin is designed in order to create shadows on the façade at the hotter hours of the hot seasons.
    Other issue was to answer to the desire of the residents to live in some apartment that could be naturally ventilated. As a consequence the apartment’s floors are designed in order to allow natural ventilation for the common lobbies and corridors as also cross ventilation for the apartments.
    The habits of the Vietnamese people are also addressed in the plan of the Tower and especially in the plan of the apartments. Cholimex Tower is combining one bedroom apartments for young couples setting up their families, two bedrooms apartments as also small duplex allowing three family generations to live in the same apartment.
    This importance given to social relations is also visible in the way to treat all common areas such as lobbies and corridors: The common areas are well naturally ventilated, receiving some natural light, allowing perspective views. For night time all common areas, especially the corridors of the apartment’s areas, enjoy also the light of the surrounding properties, the common corridor are becoming more than a corridor: a public gallery.
  • A Green Tower 
    Natural ventilation & Protection again the Sun Heating
    – Cross horizontal of the building core and of the apartments, vertical ventilation in the core
    – Protection against the sun heating thanks to the use of a concrete double skin
    – Both above solutions allow to reduce the need of air conditioning and thus reduce the energy consumption of the building
    Green Planting
    – Provisions for green planting in green loggias, terraces and roof (part of the top roof is green roof). Cholimex Tower has potential total are for planting of 2192 m2 involving a green planting plot ratio of 0.73. As a result the green density on the land plot is significantly increased compare to the previous situation of the land from where are absent any plantation.
    Water efficiency
    – Rain water and air-conditioner condensate water will be collected for reuse in irrigation
    – Plumbing technologies will involve low-flow sinks and showers and low flush water closet
    – Eco-friendly swimming-pool sanitation reduces the use of chlorine.
    Energy efficiency
    – The lighting, air-conditioning system and equipment are designed to reduce consumption and optimize energy performance, reducing energy cost and carbon impact.
    – The ventilation and air conditioning will be an energy-efficient chilled water system without the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), an ozone-depleting substance.
    – The building has an energy-efficient chiller plant room system to improve cooling tower performance which contributes to energy savings.
    – A mechanical ventilation system will optimize the energy saving thanks to the use of a Heat Wheel Recovery