Saigon Moi 2

  • Main Data
    Program: Residential Area Master Plan
    Location: Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Land area: About 5 hectares
    Design Year: 2009
    Construction Year: Construction in progress
  • ADA Services
    Master Planning Concept Design
    1/500 Master Architecture Design
  • Design Description
    To be financially viable, the master plan aimed to maximize sellable ratio of land area while still reserving sufficient area for community facilities and/or social activities.
    Besides the application of Feng-Shui principles, the design intention was to create a lush green city with a lot of areas for public square, public and private gardens. Thus the following solutions were introduced:
    – In order to support “urban ventilation” and avoid high density, the apartment buildings were zoned into a minor part of the site (of about 7,725 m2) comprising two different land plots. The bigger apartment area (of about 5725 m2) was separated from the rest of the project by large water canals for a better urban spacing between the towers and the houses.
    – The Zoning strategy aimed to maximize the relation between the residential buildings (i.e,apartment towers, villas, urban houses) and the surrounding green infrastructure (GI) combining canals and greenery/ landscape. Therefore most of the houses have at least one façade facing either a canal or a green area. Besides, every house comes with a garden at the front or the back.
    – The construction limits and the set backs were designed to enhance urban ventilation. As a result the set-backs from the street are as large as possible.Saigon Moi 2